About us

The New Welfare Foundation is a think tank devoted to influencing public (and official) opinion about democracy, social welfare and private enterprise. We are politically non-partisan. Our proposals are grounded in a positive view of human nature. Our trademark is out of the box thinking and boldness in combination with reliability and competence.

Since 1988, we have presented concrete proposals to bring about a new social welfare system, privacy for citizens and a Swedish nation that is friendlier toward entrepreneurs. We have authored more than 50 publications. Based on some of the recommendations in our publications we manage projects to further the aims of the proposals. Some of the projects we either currently manage or have managed are:

  • The Commission for Competition
  • An Ombudsman for Privacy
  • An Ombudsman for Business
  • The Business Parliament
  • Mutually Responsible Health Care
  • The Pomeripossa Network
  • The Stock Market for Entrepreneurs
  • The Agenda for Competition
  • Constitutional Rights
  • The Democracy Board
  • The Vote for People, Not Parties Campaign

The work of the New Welfare Foundation builds on the following eight principles:

  • A positive view of humanity. We believe that individual citizens both want and are able to take more responsibility for their lives.
  • A stronger democracy. Decreasing the gap between the voters and elected officials by voting for individuals and not parties, more citizens’ initiatives and a constitutional court as a check and balance on political power
  • Stable social conditions through reasonably stable rules of the game for both companies and individuals.
  • Entrepreneurship and dynamic development. Phase out rules that obstruct and impede entrepreneurship and a dynamic development.
  • Personal freedom and personal responsibility. Set limits on the jurisdiction of government so that citizens keep enough resources to enable personal responsibility. Monitor and protect privacy of citizens against government and private entities.
  • Free competition. Abolish all forms of monopoly. All public services should be subject to competitive bids.
  • Equal opportunity. Access to development, education and care shall be equal for all.  The result will depend on how well each individual takes advantage of equal access to these opportunities. Each person’s fundamental responsibility for their own life will be revealed in this way.
  • Social responsibility. Through our government system, we should all take mutual responsibility for those who find themselves in situations outside their own personal control.


The New Welfare Foundation is a member of ESBA, European Small Business Association (www.esba-europe.org).